Comfort and usability

The Free-skate has been introduced in 1997. The nordic skate has offered a new way of ice skating. The fine combination of a reliable high quality skate and a corfatable and warm nordic Salomon boot offer stable skating with warm and no longer sore feet. 

On natural ice and ovals.

On natural ice as well as artificial rinks Free-skate offers speed and comfort. The curved blade tip prevents falling over unpredictable cracks and bumps on natural ice. By positioning the clapping mechanism more foreward than on regular track skates, the point of gravity of the skates is more backward. Although the top speed of Free-skates will be lower than on track skates, the average speed will typically be higher. The greater stability and fewer balance disturbances allows the skater to use all the energy for the skating itself.

Skating is fun

For most skaters the Free-skate is the best choice. It's a lot easier and more comfortable for the less skilled enthousiast. Also on oval and rinks cornering is more stable through a lower position and a twin axle Salomon Pilot binding. The comfort and ease of use guarantee many years of skating enjoyment.

The twin axled Salomon Pilot binding offers superior stability related to the tradional single axled binding (rubber block). 

With the introduction of the twin axled Salomon Pilot binding, Free-skate has left all single axled binding. Other bindings with a single axle and a rubber block at the front, produce too much lateral flexibility for ice skating. As soon as the clap opens the heel of the boot tends to turn inward and therefore misallignes the skate. The twin axled Salomon Pilot binding fixates the middle and fore foot, resulting in superior efficiency and satbility