Active skater who appreciates the heritage of wooden skates from the past, but does not want to compromise in comfort and reliability.

The "Classic" skater like to go in stlye and does not like to rush. The superb skating charateristics allow a swift, resilient ride. The retro-looks disquise a modern skate and accordingly performance. Each pair has its unique woodgrain and offers every skater his own, distinquished, set.


Specifications Classic:

  • Clear varnished ashwood frame with a nice woodgrain
  • Hardened steel blade; 1.25mm (stainless, robust)
  • 100% reliability (chemical and mechanical fastening)
  • rocker 23m
  • twin axeled Salomon Pilot binding (more stablity)
  • height 4,6 cm including binding
  • silky glide through damping wood chracteristics  
  • weight (incl.binding) 495 grams (L)
  • 4 lengths:
    - S (39.5cm)
    - M (42cm)
    - L (44.5cm) 
    - XL (47cm)

Consumer price: $309,=


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