The Free-skate is the ideal nordic skate. Easy to click-on and offso you can get on and off the ice with ease. The stable position allows hours of fun skating. The skate is extremely reliable and won't brake or bend in ice cracks.  

In Holland the skate is also widely used on smoothly prepared artificial ice ovals.Stability, comfort and ease of use are key for recreational skaters of all ages.

Tour MPS

For the demanding performance skater for long distance skating on lakes and canals.

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Active skater who values long lasting basic skates to grab the opportunity when ice and weather coordinate well enough to skate for hours.

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Marathon MPS

For the demanding preformance skater who values the extra glide of extra hardened steel.

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Active skater who appreciates the heritage of wooden skates from the past, but does not want to compromise in comfort and reliability.

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