Tour MPS

Designed for the demanding, performance skater

Designed for the demanding, performance skater. The Multi Positioning System allows for customizing the skaters position. The somewhat higher position allows the skate to glide through snow patches on the ice more easily. Also used by oval skaters who don't want to offer their high performance skates to the rigours of natural ice conditions.


Specifications Tour MPS:

  • Annodized aluminum ;color champagne
  • Hardened steel blade; 1.1mm (stainless)
  • 100% reliability (chemical and mechanical fastening)
  • rocker 23m
  • twin axeled Salomon Pilot binding (more stablity)
  • height 4,8 cm including binding
  • Multi Positioning System; MPS (for customizig your position; back/front and sideways)
  • weight (incl. binding)500 grams (L)
  • 4 lengths:
    - S (39.5cm)
    - M (42cm)
    - L (44.5cm)
    - XL (47cm)

Consumer price: $290,=